Well, I mean it...

You know, I made this sweet little survey to get to know my Substack subscribers better and for fun, published it on here today. (It's about sex...) All day, men have been filling it out, and so far 50% of those who have rated their level of satisfaction with their partnered sex lives in the toilet and identified reading our writing as the ray of light that is helping them to feel that they're growing sexually. I didn't list anything remotely like "reading work on Medium" as an option. They entered it as free text.

I have real ethical question about Medium's relationship to its writers, but that notwithstanding, this little corner of the platform that is cutting-edge feminist is something very special. I'm so grateful to have found it and to contribute to it in whatever way I can. Your voice and perspective are an essential aspect of that little corner.

Tantrika, hands-on healer, sex educator. Weekly newsletter via Sarenity, my personal blog. Contact and services at https://ko-fi.com/sarene

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