I Miss You, My Medium Community!

Here’s what I’ve been up to

Falling in love with writing on Medium a little over a year ago began with the freedom that comes with embracing a pen name. Even before all of you, she became my new favorite person and best friend. I sat to write each day to get to know her better.

It did not take long before she began to make friends.

These friendships were like none in my non-virtual life, rooted as they were in liberated honesty. Finally, all of the bullshit was out of the way. We writers are here to speak truth, come what may. It is glorious. Even as I’ve taken a step back from Medium this month, I still drop in to read your pure words and your truth-telling, to draw inspiration when life feels dull.

The first time I came out to a Medium friend, removing the mask of my pen name, my real history and various credentials spilling out around me, was terrifying. Thanks to our interconnected algorithm world, I knew Galit and real-world me were only separated by maximally, one degree of Kevin Bacon. But, I loved her writing and our personal stories were so resonate that I just couldn’t resist.

One day, out in the real world, I knew that I would start my day by publishing here and then teach a free public yoga and meditation class via Zoom that she would love. But, I would do it with my associated titles, the masks I wear out in the world to prove the value of my knowledge.

I invited her. She came. Seeing her face in her little Brady Bunch zoom cubicle was so healing for me.

I was being witnessed at once as both Sara and Sarene. Through her gaze, the various parts of me stood side by side at first, and then integrated, like a fuzzy Woody Alan in Deconstructing Harry coming back into focus. I was healing, integrating, becoming whole.

It has been hard for me to set aside my credentials when writing on Medium. It really is the oddest dimension of writing under a pen name. To do what we do, it stands to reason that we writers have advanced degrees, etc. but I wasn’t Sarene when I was enrolled in those universities.

Sara is a a rabbi and academic. Sarene is a writer and free. Sara knows the proper spelling of a particular Jewish holiday or contextual meaning of some biblical citation, but how could Sarene’s editors know that?

Whereas my love affair with Medium began with the donning of my pen name, it was the restrictiveness of that pen name that began to choke my words not long after Orgasmic NYE. After all, my sexuality writing on Medium is part and parcel of my broader work in the world, even if societal convention demands that I use a pen name when I share it.

The moment I was kissed by my angel and made Sarene, I knew that I would eventually become only her.

It’s happening, little by little and it feels tremendous. But, in that I work in the world of religion, whose very function is to slow the steady tide of change, I choose to proceed with patient caution.

It’s been great fun applying the writing and marketing skills I’ve honed on Medium to the brand I’m now launching, a container at long last wide and sturdy enough to hold the fullness of me. This month, I’ve had to give it my full attention, and as such, have stopped writing here. I’m dropping back in today to share Awakened Body with you, my dear Medium community.

The body is a treasure trove and a map, if only we would learn how to navigate its sacred terrain. Awakened Body is a well-spring of resources for those ready to place the deep wisdom of the body at the center of our awareness, to turn to it, before any outside source or authority for grounding, wisdom and guidance.

Check it out! The modalities there are drawn from the worlds of tantra, yoga and Kabbalah. There is tons of free content to explore, and if it speaks to you, consider joining the 40-day Seasonal Cleanse, a journey of transformation and self-discovering, kicking off March 29th.

As a rabbi and tantrika, my mission is to introduce seekers to their awakened body. Walking in mine transforms the world into a garden of delight. It is what lies behind my feminism and my sexuality writing here. As such, it fills me with joy to share it with all of you.

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Tantrika, hands-on healer, sex educator. Weekly titillating wisdom to your inbox at orgasmic.substack.com. Contact and services at https://ko-fi.com/sarene

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