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10 commandments of optimum health

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As a child, I learned how to fly.

I was a competitive gymnast who trained 30 hours/week. In that setting, I learned that my body could do almost anything with hard work and determination. I stood on my hands for 10-minute stretches, did 1,000 sit-ups at a time, and flew through the air, twisting and flipping in ways unimaginable to most.

Gymnastics taught me how to feel vitally alive. But, it wasn’t until I was diagnosed with a once-fatal genetic disease, that I learned the key to cultivating my own sense of vitality.

I have a genetic disease called Gaucher. It’s pretty rare, only occurring in 1 in…

How to pick your bliss

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In In the last few years, I’ve been doing a great deal of fucking. It has been glorious. At first, it was a way to reclaim my freedom, then my body, then my self. The more I opened to it, the more it became a journey of re-wilding, one I believe we all must take.

There is something so liberating about the kind of sex that is primarily physical.

Once questions of safety and parallel expectations are resolved, sometimes, one can best access the modes of playfulness that lead to deep pleasure in casual sex.

How to kick it like the writers who are here for fun

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They say the grass is always greener on the other side of the mountain. Nowhere is that more true than on Medium, a sprawling platform now serving upwards of 80 million paying monthly users (thank you, pandemic!)

Suggestion Box readers are here to make money.

We have bills to pay and responsibilities to tend to; we toil at the keyboard day after day to meet those demands.

Here’s what the greener grass looks like on the other side:

It’s called, “My passion bought me a Starbucks.”

Passion-Medium writers write for the fun of it. …

Great article. I live in Israel which is currently first in the world in vaccinations per capita. On the foundation of a single-payer healthcare system, stories about of nurses running out into the streets at the end of the day to vaccinate passerbys as not to waste doses. In my own little town, we're approaching 60% vaccinated and counting, and the best news is that Israel's tracking is confirming a greater than 90% efficacy rate for the Pfizer vaccine.

On the foundation of shared values and great communication

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Sitting at an outdoor picnic with married friends the other day, I was swept up in their love for one another. We live on a pastoral farm, and ours is the kind of intentional community that sometimes sings together. There we were, with the sun shining down on us (yes…I live in a place where we can both gather for picnics and where the sun shines warm and bright in mid-February), and it was as though my two friends were making love right there on the grass by blending their voices.

I know this couple well enough to know that…

Dany topples the patriarchy by teaching Drogo how to make love

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Things do not begin well for the Mother of Dragons on the Game of Thrones. Last living heir of the Targaryen dynasty, Daenys Targaryen started her young life in hiding from the the Lords of Westeros, treated as property by her insane older brother, Viserys. …

The sorted history of psychoanalysis and the world’s first vibrator

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Home vibrators were an essential step in women’s liberation, and not for the reasons that you might think. While there is truly nothing more liberating than knowing that you can bring yourself to orgasm, home vibrators are better viewed as one of the first and best weapons in women’s quest to topple the patriarchy.

The patent office was an exciting place to be in the 1880s. …

Praise of the free image tool “Pexel,” with tips and links

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As a content creator, you help others imagine the world as it can be. Whether you’re writing about relationships or politics, when you click away on Medium, turning ideas into keystrokes, you are changing the minds of your readers, helping them to dream bigger than they might of had they not read your words.

Humans are highly visual creatures.

That’s why Insta and Tik Tok went nuts, and why Medium has invested heavily in the code that makes it easy for us to embed high quality images as the lead to our work.


Let your body lead the way

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What is Tantra?

Tantra is an aspect of Shivaiism, or the ancient Hindu tradition which developed in the Indus Valley in approximately 2000 B.C.E and migrated to Kashmir right around the birth of Jesus.

It is not sex, not a kind of sex nor is it only about sex. Rather, it is a way of being in the world.

Adherents of Tantra view the tradition as having been perfectly designed for our precise moment of history, known as the Kali Yuga.

The Kali Yuga is an extended period of discord when we are far more focused on what divides us than what unites us. …

Perhaps the new normal isn’t all bad

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Time is a construct and it's not one that we’ve lived with forever. In fact, while the time tracking tools of antiquity, like hourglasses and sundials could not keep the trains running, they lended themselves to a much more gentle existence. Their soft imprecision helped us to hold time, and our schedules, more lightly, allowing for more breath and more flow in our moments and our days.

With so many of those daily rhythms that help us to know which end is up having fallen by the wayside, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to keep track of time.


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